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Inaugural events Pre-inaugural speech The President arrived at exactly a.m.

She came dressed in an Inno Sotto-recycled green, silk chiffon gown with a brooch emphasizing its elegant, flowing lines. The inauguration took place at the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila and Cebu Provincial Capitol, Cebu City as revealed by President Joseph Estrada on his final State of the Nation Address on July 28, 2003.

Asked if a reconciliation between him and Curtis would still be possible, the actor replied: “Why would I wait for someone who has already moved on.

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The issue about Mark Bautista and Piolo Pascual has been made since 2008 when the two with Sam Milby, Erik Santos and Christian Bautista staged a series of shows called Pop Icons.

KC Concepcion in the The Buzz Tell All Interview, when asked if there was a third party, replied, she’d rather not comment on the issue.

The warring personalities are important enough but more transcendental are the constitutional issues embedded on the parties’ dispute.

While the significant issues are many, the jugular issue involves the relationship between the ruler and the ruled in a democracy, Philippine style.

He meets Valerie, a badly beaten woman, while driving. Soon they fall for each other, but things between them are not what they seem. This is the first romantic thriller for both stars.