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And yet it is both extremely abundant and spectacular..." Rock Art By Muktirajsinhji Chauhan Adherence to Vastu Shastra, the ancient and medieval canons on city planning and architecture, has suddenly assumed tremendous significance, particularly among the well-educated and affluent in urban India. Iron Ore Sculptures of the Indus Valley The story of Indian art and sculpture dates back to the Indus valley civilization of the 2nd and 3rd millennium B. A golden chapter of Indian sculpture opens in the 3rd century B. E., when the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka adopted Buddhism and set out to spread it's teachings far and wide...It may be difficult to predict if this is just a fad ... This raises again the question of whether iron working was brought in to India during supposed immigrations of the second millennium B. Indus Sculptures The Heliodorus Column An archaeological discovery shows that there were western followers of Vedic principles twenty-two centuries ago.Mythology to History A brief overview of the irrefutable substantial evidence now available which corroborates Vedic statements, timelines, history and innumerable other facts stated in the vast Vedic literatures — much of which unfortunately have previously been regarded as mythology.

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For too long the picture has been distorted by myopic colonial readings of India’s prehistory and early history, and more recently by ill-suited Marxist models...

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The Vedic metaphors have been engraved on the seals.

Underwater Archaeology in the Gulf of Cambay An innocuous piece of wood along with a slew of artifacts are set to push back Indian antiquity to 7,500 B. E., if material picked up from the sea-bed of the Gulf of Cambay gets scientific verification...

Endangered Historic Temple in India Saved from Slow Destruction A magnificent historic temple among the ancient ruins of Hampi, India, receives a much-needed restoration.