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A simple guide to correctly fill a new User DB entry: Click here for the image (you simply need to find a plugin's web ID on using Search).

Official Forum topic: click here Please report all the bugs and "Unknown." entries in your list (Ctrl Shift C to copy their data to clipboard).

Ghisler) versions & some main TC versions * Fixed: the "database.dat" file wasn't loaded correctly when using the Internal Plugin Database dialog (it didn't affect the detection functionality though) * Fixed: missing directories weren't created properly on installing Total Commander or its plugins * Fixed: get the active language of TC and overwrite the corresponding help files (totalcmd.chm, keyboard.txt, register.rtf) when installing it * Fixed: error message after installing Total Commander properly, because the folder wasn't available for its help files (though its not even needed) * Fixed: the Addon Info dialog can now be closed using ESC anytime (previously the focus & the keydown actions has been stolen by the webbrowser) * Fixed: set itemindex to zero when pressing Ctrl Up / Ctrl Page Down with no items having selected (Download dialog) * Fixed: hotkey Ctrl Page Down changed the path of the previous tab too beside opening a new one (only when a single item was selected) * Fixed: Access Violation in the Download dialog when the user pressed Ctrl Up / Ctrl Page Down without any actual selection * Fixed: corrected text of error message when file(s) can not be (over)written while updating a plugin * Fixed: it was allowed to resize the Configuration dialog below its current minimal height (586px) * Fixed: some minor bugs [] Total Updater 0.8 Beta 6 * New: Updated Chinese Simplified language [correction] (thanks to Fei XJ) * New: Updated Polish language [correction] (thanks to krasusczak) * New: Updated Slovak language (thanks to umbra) * New: Hotkey support Ctrl Page Down for Download dialog as well - jump to the currently selected item(s) (redirected to Total Commander) * New: Hotkey support Ctrl Up for Download dialog as well - jump to the currently selected item(s) by opening new tab (redirected to TC) * New: You can manually set [Configuration] Post Install Action=0/1/2 (0: do nothing; 1: remove the dl'ed package; 2: remove the in the installdir; 3 (sum of 1 2): remove the dl'ed package and the * New: You can manually set [GUI] Always Save Pos=True to force TU always save its latest window position on exit, instead only when quitting while pressing Ctrl button * Change: updated Indy to the latest available ( version * Change: always update the name of a given package to its latest online one if its author has changed it in the meantime * Change: put the filename (without extension) in bracket after the name of a plugin in case its a duplicate entry in the list * Change: automatically move "Total Updater.ini" beside "wincmd.ini" if the key "Use Ini In TCDir=True" has been previously set in the config file * Change: the Author URL popup option on the Update tab is now visible in case multiple items are selected and an author url is associated for at least one of them * Change: increased max length of Product Name to 64 (to show the correct name of some problematic plugins) * Change: has been updated (added info about the new ini entries) * Change: added 30 new items to the Internal Plugin Database & modified some existing * Change: added 20 new items to the checksum database * Fixed: never display the currently running instance of TU in the "Other addons" section (duplicate entry) * Fixed: send the proper Total Commander link to IDM after a search of updates has been initiated (otherwise fall back to the original file & use * Fixed: show error dialog(s) only after the end of download process (e.g.

no write access, etc) * Fixed: open all of the selected links in the Download dialog instead of the single focused one * Fixed: disable "Send to IDM" popup item when Direct Link contains a special "$NUM" variable (for downloading from, where "NUM" is the ID of a package) * Fixed: allow to click on Author link in the Download dialog in case multiple items are selected, and an author url is associated for at least one of them * Fixed: disable the Author URL & Web ID buttons in case their field is empty (User DB & IPD dialogs) * Fixed: do not scroll through the plugin list if the host cannot be found * Fixed: set current search string to null after refreshing plugin list * Fixed: check the validity of all the urls before sending them to IDM * Fixed: some other bugs of the download & installation process...

Suggestions and feature requests are also very welcomed.