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You have to figure out new solutions for new problems.

I think that's where I have a lot of experience to help him make life a little easier."The Australian Open is the tournament where a reborn Agassi was as lethal as ever in the latter stages of his career.

The time away worked for Federer, but he's also done things no other player in history has done. "You can play as many practice matches as you want and drill yourself into fitness, but the match fitness -- you have that nervous energy -- your fatigue levels can change," Shiras noted. Put yourself in the heat of battle, and your body can respond differently.

We'll see how he does."Agassi, who was reported to be in a snowboarding accident last month, is expected to be in Melbourne after doubt of his attendance at the year's first major. I just have to make sure I give him that little bit that helped me overachieve.

And if you don’t have a mandoline, don’t worry: A vegetable peeler works fine.