Dating trap dating and rejection advice

You begin to feel more and more attached to the person on the other end of the phone, but you haven’t had any "real" experiences with one another.So, if and when you do eventually meet, it can be difficult or even disappointing. Reply with a bit of information about your day (not lengthy), but also add how it would be nice to meet for a cup of coffee, or a quick bite of lunch in the coming days.

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But there’s something about the online world that makes these kind of situations seem nonchalant and fun, you meet someone cute but they’re not 100% right but then you meet someone else who strangely happens to be a friend of theirs and you get along better. Too much social media starts to dilute the conversation, when you’ve already watched what they’ve done all day via Snapchat, why would you text them?

It happens and it can be fun – only if you’re not the one getting ghosted of course. If you’re following them on Instagram and liking their photos, why would you need to text them and show interest.

And, dear friend, don’t get me wrong – swapping numbers with someone you feel chemistry with is a great way to get the ball rolling.

The problem really happens when that’s as far as things go.

Now that ‘online dating’ is no longer secretive or taboo, it’s officially become a day-to-day part of our lives, whether you or your friends are on Tinder, Raya, JSwipe or just sliding in someone’s DM’s.