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Time to reactivate your Showtime subscription and your celebrity crush. Lesbians could not get enough of Shane, Alice, Tina, and Bette. Max left us on a cliffhanger wondering what comes next.So if your collection is already full or you’ve been reluctant to try sex toys in general, the market has something new to offer!

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One of the leading characters who played Jasmine, Natalie Krill, and the director of the movie hinted that they weren’t lesbians during a recent interview we had with them during their Los Angeles premier which unfortunately showed in the film.

The gayest thing about this film through and through was co-star Erika Linder who played Dallas.

She is a lesbian in real life and was the most believable part of the movie.

When asked how real the sex scenes were during the filming she blushed and stated that they were more real for some than others. From lesbian dating mixers to dance parties, a recent uprise in the female-for-female nightlife scene has given lesbians a place to meet in person.

With over 20,000 women in attendance, Dinah Shore Weekend was the place to be.