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Some consented to include their names only if their current employment was not listed. History and Analysis of the Creation Research Society. This is an ongoing project and I greatly appreciate the contributions of the many persons who have helped me in this now six year long effort. Some on this list are now involved full time in speaking and writing on origins, and no longer depend on secular employment to put bread on the family table.

Furthermore, many of these scientists and academics have published in the scientific literature, some extensively.

In one survey, Elliott (1990) concluded that approximately half of the current Creation Research Society Board members have published research that was cited by other scientists.

He has held post-doctoral fellowships at the Medical College of Virginia and the University of Alabama. Assistant Professor of Biology at The Kings College in New York. is Professor Emeritus at Ohio Valley University in Vienna, West Virginia, where he served as a professor from 1964 to 1998. and Ph D are from Northwestern University, both in chemistry.

is now Associate Professor of Biology at Liberty University.

He is also on the staff of Baptist Hospital, South Florida.