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Here is a scene of the back of the beach house looking at it from the water.

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Long island discreet dating

He’s trying to find out who may have had a motive to kill this person.

Each week there are two parts as told to the detective through the eyes of how Noah remembers things and then the sequence of events as told by Alison.

Alison and Cody’s beach house is probably the house that East Hampton Star reports as “the Marine Boulevard house and the residence of a key character.” Part 2 is Alison’s side of the story.

The detective is interviewing them long after the affair began because Alison has short hair and say’s she has to get going soon to pick up her child.

The Affair stars Ruth Wilson as Alison Lockhart, Dominic West as Noah Solloway, Maura Tierney as Noah’s wife Helen and Joshua Jackson plays Cole Lockhart, Alison’s husband.