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Johnson was not pleased with the new list, as he had developed a superstitious faith in the older list. The checklist allowed fans to vote for which NFL quarterback Johnson would like to play catch with the most.

He had a stellar performance during the game, prompting the return of the original list. Every vote helped him raise money for his charity project, "Feed the Children".

This gave him an NFL record of 450 receiving yards in back-to-back games (currently in 2nd behind Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns who had 498 yards in back to back games in 2013) , breaking the previous record of 448 set by San Francisco 49ers receiver John Taylor in 1989.

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In April 2011, CNBC listed Johnson as number 1 on its list of "Most Influential Athletes In Social Media." After graduating from Miami Beach Senior High School in 1997, Johnson attended Langston University but did not play football.

In 1997, he transferred to Santa Monica College, a community college in Santa Monica, California.

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During the first half of the 2006 season, Johnson saw little activity.