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Spare me the sad bride pictures, Washington Post Comparing “child marriage” in countries like Bangladesh to marriage in the US or Western Europe — where the average age of marriage is in the late 20s and early 30s — is comparing apples and oranges.A range of resources, including lesson plans and activity ideas, have been developed to enable you to deliver good quality RSE in school.

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They believe peace is the only way to get to heaven on Final Judgement Day.

Muhammad said that Islam is just like Christianity before it, but every other time there was a prophet, they went astray from God and His teachings.

Finally, if the problem is about coercion and consent and that these teen brides really don’t want to get married, I would simply argue, as I have done elsewhere, that coercion is a subjective and context-dependent concept.

It is now very common for 12 and 13 years olds to be sexually active, and that is not see as a problem here in the West.

It is so retarded that we have to learn about Islam while they go bombing the US!