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[palette], [copy], [chart], [colorindex], [grayscale], [formatting], [DOS/OE], [HTML]*, [Help], [Macros], [macros], [Color Formulas], [Format Unprotected], [chgfont], [Clear Constantsf], [icolor F], [popvalue], [popbased], [sorting], [count], [rowcolor], [Del Rows], [hexconv], [chgpalette], [fillcolor], [cellcommentcolor], [Backup Display], [tabs], [triangles], [manual], [colorcharts], [detector], [Luma], [pgms], [colorcoding], [coloringcode], [VBE], [Related], [thissite], [postings], [otherxl], [other], [font], [problems], [printers], [mskb], [msdn], Scope of the Color Palette: Each workbook has it’s own palette.


Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic 'pre XL97 xl Automatic Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic 'pre XL97 xl Manua Application.

Screen Updating = True End Sub Color Index Property The colors names indicated on the color palette are for descriptive purposes only. Gridline Color = RGB(255,0,0) Members of Excel Constants details: Const xl Color Index None = -4142 (&HFFFFEFD2) Const xl Color Index Automatic = -4105 (&HFFFFEFF7) Const xl Automatic = -4105 (&HFFFFEFF7) Const xl Background Opaque = 3 Const xl Background Transparent = 2 Const xl Opaque = 3 Const xl Transparent = 2 Sub white ONblue() Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual 'pre XL97 xl Manua Dim cell As Range '---Range("A3: N100"). Screen Updating = False End Sub The purpose of Clear Constants From Color Cells is clear out constants from the cells that have an interior color, and to retain the color of the cells.

If you are using a color monitor, you can customize the shade and intensity of the colors in the color palette for each workbook.

When you change a color in the palette, it is changed for any element formatted with the color you changed, throughout the entire workbook.

Correct interpretation of the 56 colors in the Color Index is dependent upon the HTML wizard conversion on Color Index numbers. The names for colors appears to have a wide variance; I am trying to find what Microsoft generally calls them if they are not named in Excel. Show ' -- 56 colors This table was NOT generated by the Internet Assistant Wizard for Microsoft Excel.