Is trish stratus dating frank sepe

Thw mud match is a waste but the others are good nonstop action, not alwsy showing Ms Strtaus ather best.

Visually, the video is excellent and a pleasure to look at.

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Trish and Michaels went their own way and Trish turned to her friend John Cena for comfort. Cena even proposed to Trish, but Trish turned him down and they split soon after.

Trish stayed single for some time, concentrating on her career, but Michaels showed that he was far from done with Trish when he aligned himself with the NWO.

The beautiful Ms Stratus herself comes across as personable, intelligent and literate.

If you want to see the lady display the superb wrestling skills that made her a fan favorite, and six times champion, a special feature shows 6 matches in their entirety.

The very first night of WWER, Trish was fought over by Goldberg and the Rock.

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