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This is being done in an effort to produce a desi sheep that produces high-quality wool and mutton.

The Japanese government encouraged farmers to raise sheep throughout the 19th century.

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Two explanations for this phenomenon have been posited.

The first explanation is that a currently unknown species or subspecies of wild sheep that contributed to the formation of domestic sheep.

Mongolian selection and veterinary science classifies the sheep herd of the country by (i) wool fiber’s length, thinness and softness, (ii) capability of surviving at various altitudes, (iii) physical appearance, tail form, size, and other criteria.

The most common sheep breeds are Mongol Khalha, Gov-altai, Baidrag, Bayad, Uzenchin, Sumber and number of other breeds, all being of the fat-tailed breed.

Of all the signs in the Chinese Zodiac, the Sheep is the most romantic and sensitive. Yes, being in a relationship with a Sheep guy can be dreamy and wonderful, but you have to know how to handle this sign in order to stay happy and healthy in your union.

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