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Village councils have been accused of settling family disputes without involving the judicial system, leading to the abuse of vulnerable relatives.

Just three months ago, members of a village council in Pakistan were arrested for ordering the revenge rape of a teenager because her brother had sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl in a field.

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It is claimed the girl's brother had been having an affair.

When the village council found out they ruled the scorned wife's family could hit back by punishing the alleged adulterer's sister.

The girl was snatched by the gang on October 27 before she was stripped down and forced to run through the streets of Garahmat village in Dera Ismail Khan, pictured here in 2012 after a bomb exploded killing seven The girl's family initially claimed the girl was taken to a house, beaten up and stripped by nine people, but later retracted the statement on Monday, according to DAWN.

She was with three of her cousins on the morning of October 27 walking to a local pond to fetch water when she was snatched.

Police are still hunting one suspect, but the other eight appeared before a judge on Wednesday.