Married men dating female inmates

In order for any incarcerated marriage to work the commitment level of the heart of the woman is key.The majority of incarcerated marriages fail due to a large amount of stress and depression that comes with incarcerated marriages.At 8 on a weekend morning, the waiting-room crowd at Graterford Prison is mostly regulars, and mostly women. Many make up for it with sparkling jewelry, carefully styled hair, and a full face of makeup.

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But once out, they face what may be an equally daunting challenge: supporting men returning to the world with little experience and no means.

Still, among women who have spent countless hours in noisy, fluorescent-lit prison visiting rooms, eating vending machine meals and dreaming of the future, optimism prevails.

I personally don’t encourage men to get married in prison but those that do go through multiple break-ups trying to cope with a psychological and emotional commitment without a consistent physical presence.

The women who choose to stay in these relationships slowly come to realize they must be willing to do without the assistance of a male disciplinarian with the children unless there is an older sibling.

He got his GED and inspired her to get hers, even helping her learn the math. But at 17, Rice snatched a woman's purse, and she fell, hit her head, and died.