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I agree that they're more likely to be non-voters than anything, but Labour voters?Maybe some of their family had tribal affiliations a couple of decades back, but that's about it.

But hey, I did forget that far right is just a term used by some people on the left to try and slur anyone they don't like.

Pat yourselves on the back by the way if you're not a frothing mouth racist because, shock horror, you're not a simpleton like they are. Now let's not resort to picking on the lazy sterotype of the swivel-eyed, dim-witted reactionary bigot shall we?

It would be helpful to see the actual study, because if it's anything like the studies which show higher drug use among the more intelligent then the IQ difference will be nigh on insignificant i.e. (Interestingly the same gap between the average male and female IQ)A large percentage of this country has been left wing for a long time, way back before the 1960s/70s when homophobia and racism was pretty much the norm in both sides of the political spectrum.

Strange that they keep voting in ever-increasing far-right governments tho - from Thatcher to Blair to Cameron.

Unless someone has established that intelligence is 100% inborn/hereditary, which I doubt, given that people can get different scores on an IQ test at different points in their life.