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Applicants should be enthusiastic, energetic and good at dealing with rejection. Sperm banks They don’t do too many background checks and it’s a pretty enjoyable process.There’s a slight risk of bumping into someone you know in there, but getting paid £35 for jacking one off makes it a risk worth taking.Become a door-to-door fundraiser If you feel like you’re a terrible person then why not try to recover your karma by trudging up and down Hackney’s backstreets in the rain to raise money for charity.

Phrendly is a well designed and many have been making a decent amount of extra cash doing it.

For my self I do dislike a few things about the site.

If you can find a recycling centre near you – there are over 300 across the UK – you can earn between 40 and 50p a pop.

However, the knowledge that you’re doing something vaguely good for the planet doesn’t warm your fingers enough to make picking up the scraps of aluminium any easier.

Once you’ve got a massive audience the money comes rolling in, with videos earning between $5 and $80 dollars (£4 – £65) for every 20,000 views they receive.