Rendezvous speed dating ten rules of internet dating

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Spare Room's Hutchinson said that those who opt for sharing are looking at massive savings.

He said the difference between living alone and with roommates can mean more than $1,000 per month in savings.

Rendezvous Club owner Chris Hall has been running the annual "100 Dates in 100 Minutes" mega-mixer in Vancouver for the last five years, and thinks speed dating is a cut above online dating because it offers something a profile on a screen can't. "I think that's one thing you miss out on with the online dating.

For me, if I'm sitting across from someone I know if there's a potential for something there or not within that first three minutes." Rendezvous' regular events are usually more intimate, with just 30 guys and gals chatting for five-minutes each, but this one, held at Caprice Nightclub, is designed to be a lean, mean matchmaking machine.

Mit dem gleichen Begriff werden manchmal auch Science Networking-Veranstaltungen bezeichnet, bei denen es in erster Linie ums Networking geht, also darum, Forscher aus verschiedenen Feldern in lockerer Atmosphäre miteinander ins Gespräch zu bringen.