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This unearthed some disconcerting evidence suggesting that adultery wasn't the only sin on some Ashley Madison users' minds.Shortly after the breach, Trend Micro researchers noticed something interesting.

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While this type of cyber attack doesn't fit the bill of the lone wolf reading through lines of codes in search of an exploit, it still qualifies as cyber crime nonetheless.

Furthermore, there's a long list of simpler hacking exploits and cyber schemes that leverage online dating sites and applications.

This confirmed that someone had deliberately created false accounts. According to Flores, there is the possibility that Ashley Madison did it to create accounts in other countries in order to drive up usage globally.

However, the other scenario is that hackers made the accounts for spamming purposes – message boards, for instance, could be inundated with links to malicious websites. Flores also noted that like the Trend Micro honeypots, some of the email addresses that appeared on the Ashley Madison dump list hypothetically could have been lifted from other parts of the Web by spammers.

In the case of Ashley Madison, a fake user might convince an actual user to share compromising information with them.