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He also thought that to do this “solar beaming” would eliminate wars over oil for energy, which just his ignorance further, as oil isn’t simply used for energy, but is used to make all kinds of products, including lubricants. – Oh man: Hoagland apparently got jealous over George making Zubrin “NASA administrator” asking Zubrin if he could finish his answer to George.

Clean nuclear generators are a much better alternative to launching, at the cost of billions of dollars of fuel and electronics, thousands to millions of solar panels or mirrors up into space (unless the U. Government outs its antigravity technology, which no doubt to me it will never do). I was going to say that George “rubbed it in” after chastising Richard after I had first mentioned George chasting Richard, by saying he’d make Zubrin the “NASA administrator with a blank check” after the commercial break, but while I was typing the commercial break past, and George seemed to tone down what I thought he meant at first (which was to let Zubrin talk for a long time), so erased it.

One of the other characters is Poo-Bah, who holds the exalted offices of Lord Chief Justice, Master of the Buckhounds and Groom of the Back Stairs, as well as the handy catchall post of Lord High Everything Else.