Model updating in structural dynamics

Distinctive aspects should include (at least) primary duty to the Court, rules of evidence, receiving legal instructions, implications of adversarial cross-examination, reputational risk.

I was interested to read about the "recent" problems in Pinner with potential collapse of chalk mines.

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This is particularly true if there are changes in level or angle to a floor.

There is also increased risk of error due to the fact that each element of a model now has to be given attributes, for example the concrete grade for columns.

There was no reference to an excellent series of publications Chelsea Speleological Society Records (CSS) which includes an extensive database of natural and manmade underground features in the southeast of England. About thirty years ago I visited chalk mines at Pinner with the CSS group and descended into chalk mines in the area.

My memory is vague but I recall it was entered by ladder through a manhole.

From the description of the problem it sounds as if there could be a breach of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 in terms of competency of the Designer.