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A muscular, middle-aged guy comes home with one of his friends. The husband makes a proposition: Turns out, he’s always fantasized about watching her have sex with another man. If you’ve ever browsed Xtube or Porn Hub, you have undoubtedly seen this and other so-called “cuckold” scenarios played out over and over again.

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In other words, men cope with the threat of infidelity by turning the fear into something sexually arousing.

More recently, journalist Anneli Rufus argued that troilists are just masochists who “revel in the psychological agony” of the humiliating situation. Eroticization is a strategy rarely taken with other fears. Plus, while the troilism-as-masochism argument might apply in some cases, it proves weak when you consider that most cuckold fantasizers rarely desire other masochistic acts (like being whipped or flogged), and their interests tend to emerge in adulthood, unlike sadomasochists whose interests tend to develop in the early teenage years.

Birth-control advances and paternity tests can put men’s minds at ease.

But cuckold fantasies aren’t unique to the modern era.

For example, when men masturbate to porn featuring multiple men having sex with the same woman, their ejaculate contains more active sperm than it does when they beat off to an all-female threesome, according to a 2005 study of 52 men.