Fetching of data from database while updating data

Use PAM tank mixes or create your own in Pocket PAM2. Reminders and Numeric Data types can be added on-the-go. Designed to be used by consultants to record in-the-field recommendations.

Additional features include a facility to SMS or Email recommendations to clients and contractors.

Field Rex - the App - We also have an App called Field Rex specifically designed for farm consultants.

View your Crop Areas map View your Stocked Paddocks map Enter data directly from your map Layers: The Layer manager enables you to choose a layer from the PAM Mapping system, Drawn Layers, gps Scout Layers, Waypoint Layers, Cropped Areas, Stocked Paddocks...

Typically you would either have your Paddock Layer loaded on your screen or a Yield Map, EM Map, etc.

The layers of scouting points and waypoints can be uploaded to PAM Mapping.