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but, the vast majority of land in Canada (that is not frozen sold most of the year) is farmland.

Farmland farmed by farmers that receive subsidies from the government even though they produce a more expensive product – the government wants food security. researchers tracked the number of Conservative-held seats and annual subsidies to farmers from 1986 to 2010… The main beneficiaries of government support are Canadian dairy, poultry and egg producers, who set their own prices and are protected from most foreign competition by prohibitively high tariffs.

and she had to breastfeed, so we stopped here ( ZAgy3) to do so.

The fields behind the buildings were beautiful, so I decided to drive past the farm buildings (yes, I did realize it was a farm) that had signs to the effect of "24-Hour CCTV" just to get closer (I interpreted the signs as "don't steal my farm equipment! As we're parked, an older guy on a John Deere rolls up and I roll down my window and say hi and explain that I just stopped so my wife could breastfeed.

Growth in revenue for beer makers averaged 1.3 per cent per year during 2011-2016; the estimated annual growth over the subsequent five years is only 0.4 percent per annum.