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And he was like it probably is, cos it is a weird name, it's not normal. A: I'd love to do that eventually, but I'm really enjoying it in the group. I think it's the best song we've done so far so I'm sure everyone else will like it.

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Last night as well we went to Leceister Square to do some Xmas shopping and ended up walking past where they were going to have the Peter Pan Premiere. I know you're probably head to toe in Awards, but how does it feel? We've got some really wicked people working for us and they're always a bit different, so it's cool doing something different every time I suppose. It is pop music which I think is cool because there's not many big pop groups out there which are doing proper pop, it's all going R&B and stuff, so I think it's cool to keep pop going as well.

But we didn't go it was too cold to hang around 2 hours for the start. Blue and a couple of other bands are the only ones out there that are doing proper pop, unless you include the Cheeky Girls but that's kind of cheese and I don't like that. I think we are probably the only band, apart from Liberty X but they're still quite R&B-ey wouldn't you say, who do proper full on dance routines every time.

It must be frustrating for them if they can do it, but you can't do it - it is kind of funny though. I've moved onto that kind of bag, but I think it's just cos I'm getting older and the swearing thing every two minutes.

All my mates used to like Slipknot and all that so you get bored of it. I've still got it long on top and back, but I've got it shaved at the sides now. It's taken me a while to get used to it and I was wetting myself about going to the LOTR's premiere tonight. Michelle, our hairstylist, actually went and did Alex the other day and she was like you and Alex and have got exactly the same hairstyle. It's really nice to have people appreciate what you do and things.

If I could do anything it would be to perform in people cos I love doing that.

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