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Cannell (THE A-TEAM, HUNTER), 21 JUMP STREET took a MOD SQUAD-like premise and used it to explore complex issues that faced teenagers and young adults.

A group of young police officers are chosen to join a specialized team to go undercover in high schools and colleges.

Setting itself apart from domestic comedy sitcoms, called itself a "domestic disturbance." Every episode dealt with life in a screwed-up world with alcoholism, drug abuse, murders, suicides, death, muggings, greed, child molestation, STDs, domestic violence, gun violence, and road rage.

While treating such topics with appropriate seriousness when needed, they always found a method to joke about them, calling it "Find the Funny." Each character approaches their life in a different way: Christopher does everything he can to avoid his Father's issues (drinking, smoking, multiple ex-wives...), his girlfriend Erin is eternally optimistic with a bit of forcing a smile, his brother Dave doesn't realize how messed up he is, his friend Tommy is so neurotic he sabotages himself, while Papa Titus only knew that being hard on his kids was the only way they'll learn how to survive. Mom: Listen, you son-of-a-bitch, I know you have a contract out on me, well I got one out on you too.

Their goal is to stop criminals early in their careers, before they're entangled in a ...